CeeLo’s been keeping a low profile for the past few years since his 2014 no contest plea to slipping a woman ecstasy without her knowledge. The woman also accused the musician of rape, but prosecutors said there was insufficient evidence to file a charge at the time. After his plea, the former Voice star took to Twitter to allege “women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

Now, it seems like CeeLo is singing a new tune. Last year, the Goodie Mob member apologized for sending the questionable tweets, which also alleged that unconscious people can’t be sexually assaulted.

“It was a very redefining moment in my personal and professional life,” Green said last October. “I get in front of my creator, humbled, and I ask, ‘What does this mean? What is this supposed to mean for me? What am I supposed to learn from it?’ And (to) have that revealed and have it bestowed upon me is a blessing, of sorts.”

According to his new song, the Creator CeeLo humbled himself before is a woman.

In the song, CeeLo sings:

God is a woman
Although this idea’s untraditional
I think God is a woman
Making each one of her children original
I stare at the sky until the stars start to fall
If there’s a God at all
It’s a woman

While CeeLo croons about the “mother of the moon and stars,” I’m not sure his ode to women will make people forget about his sordid past.

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