We’ve seen it time and time again. Between cornrows being renamed “boxer braids,” or big butts and plump lips becoming all the rage because of a Kardashian, Black women’s features and styles are in demand….as long as they’re found on other people.

While we’ve certainly written about appropriation time and time again, a new photo series by Daniel Stewart brings the issue into sharp focus.

Titled “Erosion,” here’s how Stewart explains the provocative series:

Black women are so often shamed and penalized for the same physical attributes that are then praised, and made trendy for white women. This project is meant to capture the black woman’s experience as a hypersexualized being, whose body is constantly appropriated in white society.

Stewart’s exhibit features a Black woman being poked and prodded by white hands, which interrogate her hair, butt, face, and body–all features that have been both reviled and co-opted by the mainstream.

The message is clear: Black women’s bodies are far too often treated like a commodity to be modified and exploited by the mainstream.

Check out Stewart’s haunting (NSFW) images below.

To see more of Stewart’s work, visit his website.

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