New information has authorities questioning not only the chain of events in Sandra Bland’s arrest, but also what actually happened to lead to her death. Findings are now putting fuel to the fire that Bland’s death may have not happened the way the medical examiner determined.

According to Huffington Post, new documents  obtained from the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences, have raised questions as to whether or not a full-blown cover up could have occurred. Included in the findings are the possibility that Bland’s body was moved from her cell, as well as differences in claims that guards had visited Bland’s cell closer to her time of death than video evidence showed.

The contradictions may be considered fraud as the investigation moves along.

The Bland family attorney, Tom Rhodes, commented on the findings.

“There’s a disconnect. It could be a clerical error or it could be something more nefarious than that… It bothers the family a lot.”

He also commented on other documents that have yet to be released.

“I can’t believe there’s nothing in them, because when defense attorneys have files that help their clients, they release them,” he said. “And they [Waller County’s lawyers] are not fighting to release them.”

The officer filmed arresting Bland has been fired and was indicted for perjury.

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