The New York Post/Getty Images

The New York Post/Getty Images

Apparently the New York Post’s “writers” (and I use writer lightly) have way too much time on their hands and likes to bully young children with their sadistic musings.

Take for example, this grown ass “writer” Kyle Smith who penned an article titled “Any Reasonable Parent Would Be Ashamed of Will Smith’s Kids”. Of all the things to take issue with, Smith took issue with how the Smiths raised Willow and Jaden and refers to them as narcissists.

“These kids are to childhood what the script of “After Earth” was to writing. Spoiled? Too mild. These kids are nuclear narcissists. The elder Smiths may have boycotted the Oscars because they weren’t nominated, but they boycotted parenting because they couldn’t be bothered to raise kids with any grounding in reality.”

“Naming their children after themselves via gender-reversal — the boy, Jaden, is 17, while his sister, Willow, is 15 — turned out to be merely the first sign that the Smith household would be a greenhouse in which all egos would be jacked up on maximum-strength fertilizer (the Hollywood kind) and cultivated to grow crazily.”

First of all, I’m going to assume this is probably a 20 or 30-something writer. I have to wonder why is he wading in the kiddie pool and worrying about teenagers? If you don’t like their public persona or the fact that they’ve probably made more money than you, keep that mess to yourself.

This dribble of an article not only makes Smith look like a smug asshole, but also a bit jealous of the fact that the Smiths children aren’t cookie-cutter kids. They live their life on their own terms, and are creative in the process.

One has to wonder if Smith takes issue only because these two teens are black? Would he feel the same way if thy were the Hiltons, or any other young famous white siblings?

The Smiths are raising their children as they seem fit. So what they’re well-off. Good for them. Their parents worked hard in their careers so their children wouldn’t have to struggle, like they did growing up in Philly and Baltimore.

So to the NY Post writer, maybe you should either have kids of your own, and worry about them. Or just find something more important to write about than other people’s kids.

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