Bishop Rickey Moore

Bishop Rickey Moore of the Sunrise Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana is hoping to deliver a one of a kind message about the death and resurrection of Jesus this Easter Sunday. To do it, he’s going to be spending the next three days in a coffin at the church.

While it’s unclear how Bishop Moore is going to pull off such a feat, or handle his bodily functions considering he plans on remaining inside of the casket until 3 am Easter morning, he assures parishioners he’ll be in the coffin the whole time.

“Two o’clock in the morning you want to drive by – five o’clock in the morning you want to drive by and ask the question, ‘is he still there?'”

Apparently, Bishop Moore will be there, waiting for the big moment when he’s “resurrected” just like the Lord.


After thinking things through, Bishop Moore decided to ditch the coffin for a cot…in case it rains.

“I thought about a casket so if it started raining I would be able to close the lid to keep the elements from getting on me,” Moore explained. “It rained on Thursday morning and the weather man tells us it’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow and Sunday, so therefore there is no need for us to be in a casket.”

Glad he changed his mind!

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