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PBS Hour

An interesting segment aired this week on PBS Newshour profiling a North Carolina collective so energized by the 2016 presidential election, they were voting and even volunteering for the first time in their entire lives.

Everything was pretty standard and basic until we met Grace. Grace was shown enthusiastically volunteering her time to make calls for the Trump campaign, her massive white supremacist tattoos on full display.

The story didn’t mention Grace’s celtic cross tattoo (also known as a sun cross or wheel cross) or the large number 88 tattoo (code for HH or Heil Hitler), both of which are well-known for their use by white pride groups and Neo Nazis, as Gawker highlights.

PBS is either trolling Trump supports in an ironically humorous way or they’re completely clueless. Perhaps they just didn’t think it was important enough to mention.

Watch the segment and let us know your thoughts!

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