Brian White Jr. has a lot to say about Black women, and it’s not good.

In addition to thinking Black women have singled handedly destroyed the Black community, White also believes women belong in the kitchen, and that Black women should eschew feminism to focus on rebuilding the Black family (presumably on her own). Most of what White spouts on social media is garden variety cavemanism that wouldn’t even be interesting except for one big thing: he’s an elementary school principal tasked with educating young girls.

White is the interim principal at John A. Johnson Elementary in St. Paul, Minnesota and he regularly shares anti-Black women posts on his Facebook page.





Teachers and principals are amazingly influential in their students’ lives, so when parents caught wind of White’s offensive views on Black women and LGBT folks, they were rightly concerned. According to City Pages, many filed complaints with the school district, however, St. Paul school officials have yet to take disciplinary action against White.

While some will argue White has the right to say whatever he wants on his private social media accounts, the fact that he holds such problematic views of Black women is troubling given his position as an educator.

How can parents be sure White isn’t treating his young Black female students differently, or worse, telling them their purpose is to stay home and have babies like the teacher in Georgia?

Black children face enough challenges at school, like being punished harsher than their white peers, they don’t need a principal who holds antiquated views too.

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