When self-proclaimed Internet philosopher Yada declared in all serious ridiculousness that menstrual cycles are of European, not African origin – many understandably mocked him and kept it moving but scarily, a few of “hotep” Twitter’s equally foolish black men tweeted their support for the outlandish statement and some even added their own kooky beliefs to the discussion.

“A woman’s period should only last seven hours. (Seven is God’s number) Any bleeding after that is because of promiscuity and poor diet,” one user tweeted (He then pinned it to the top of his page for prominence)

“Bleeding from your uterus is no more normal than bleeding from your lungs,” another user tweeted.

“Menstruation is an abnormality that has been accepted as natural. It’s not natural to lose and not replenish ,” another user added.

Weaponizing and normal and necessary biological function is just plain wrong. And the fact that these men are so steadfast in these beliefs is alarming, to say the least.

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