Photo: AP/Evan Vucci

Photo: AP/Evan Vucci

Even before its grand opening in September, the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. is going to bat for what its including in an exhibit.

The museum plans on including two items from Bill Cosby’s career (no, not pills) to honor African-Americans in theater, television, film and entertainment.

The two items in question are a comic book from Cosby’s early TV show, I Spy, as well as the album cover for his 1964 work I Started Out as a Child; they were not donated by Cosby, purchased from eBay. The museum says the items will “address Cosby’s place in television history as the first African-American star of a network drama and the success of his comedy albums,” because “the story of African-American contributions to American popular culture” cannot be told “without mentioning him in some way.”

But some feel that they shouldn’t be included because of Cosby’s allegations of drugging and sexual assault.

The museum is insisting that “this is not a Bill Cosby exhibition,” and that the labels affixed to the items “will include ‘simple facts’ to place them in historical context”.

A Smithsonian spokeswoman told Yahoo! News, that “there were no high-level discussions“. The New York Times said  that Cosby’s inclusion was “never a matter for debate.”

Clutchettes: Do you think Cosby’s items should be included?

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