When a video of Aleeyah Porter, a black teen from Oklahoma punching a white teen for calling her the N word went viral after 36,000 retweets, the meme generators couldn’t wait to screenshot the right angle for the latest chapter in Black Twitter history.

Aleeyah appears barefoot in the video (taking her shoes off in the car before confronting the girl) and is caught mid argument from when the video starts. “Who in the fuck are you calling a n****?” asks Aleeyah. The unidentified white girl responds, “Don’t touch me.” Wrong answer! Aleeyah Gives her a second chance to reevaluate her life and asks her again. This time she says, “You.” So Aleeyah hits her with a right hook, knocking her off her feet.

Internet meme makers don’t sleep and just about anything is fair game in memetopia.

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