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Many Black women grow up believing in Black love and wait on their Black Prince Charming to come sweep them off their feet. And while most Black women do indeed marry to Black men, sometimes you connect with someone who just doesn’t meet your ideal.

That’s what happened to Grace Salvant, who was taught that dating outside of her race “was a betrayal to the ancestors.” Though she eventually went on to set her own, more open, rules on who she could date, Salvant continued to struggle with her decision.

Salvant explores her ambivalence about her attraction to a white man in “William,” a poem and short video in which many Black women will be able to relate.

While the whole thing is dope, this line definitely stood out: “All my life I’ve been conditioned to love my own men unconditionally. But where do I draw the line when sometimes I feel little to no reciprocity?”

Watch ‘William’ below & tell us what you think.

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