While many have hailed Beyoncé’s latest visual album, Lemonade, as groundbreaking and transformative, rapper Azealia Banks isn’t feeling it–well, anymore.

Though Banks initially raved about the project, calling it “amazing” and “exactly what pop culture needed,” the outspoken emcee is now changing her tune.

Apparently, after absolutely loving Lemonade over the weekend, Banks now believes the album pushes a “heartbroken Black female narrative” that is harmful to Black women.

On the surface, Lemonade may seem like a simple tale of infidelity and reconciliation between a couple, but as writer Clover Hope points out, it details “inherited burdens and, finally, salvation,” and is “the story of, and for, the tossed-aside Black women whose fury makes us strike and for those who bottle it up.”

To me, there is nothing sad about Lemonade, or about women who choose to wield their power in the way they see fit. After all, despite Banks’ assertion that heartbreak is the anthesis of feminism (umm…how, Sway?), being able to express the fullness of emotions–even when they’re messy–is the right of every human being, women included.

Still, Banks has issues with Bey, and I don’t want to chalk her criticism up to hating because she is super talented in her own right. But it’s odd how she went from gushing about Lemonade (and defending Formation before it) to being supremely critical of Beyoncé in the span of a weekend.

Perhaps Banks viewed the project through fresh eyes, or maybe she just decided to throw yet another tantrum to get in the news. Either way, it’s hard to take Bank’s criticism of Bey’s commitment to feminism and Black women seriously when she’s hurled some pretty terrible slurs like “tar baby,” “field n-gger,” and “f-ggot” at people (including fellow Black women) when they don’t agree with her point of view.

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