According to Reuters, Beyoncé is suing a Texas company selling dozens of shirts, sweaters, tank tops, hoodies and coffee mugs bearing the phrase “Feyoncé.” In a complaint filed on Tuesday in Manhattan, Beyoncé accused Feyoncé Inc. of “brazenly” selling merchandise that infringed upon her copyrighted name, causing Beyoncé Inc. “irreparable harm.”

Apparently, Beyoncé Inc. will not be able to repair itself after this violent blow. (Okay girl.)

This isn’t the first time Bey’s dragged an indie business owner to the courthouse. She forced an Etsy merchant to stop selling mugs with “Feyoncé” on them just last year.

So there you have it folks. Don’t go stringing up beaded Feyoncé bracelets for the local flea market or screen printing Feyoncé halter tops on American Apparel grade fabric unless you want these problems.

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