We’ve said it a million times, but mainstream media outlets need more Black women on staff to save them from putting out culturally insensitive, or just straight up ignorant, articles.

Today’s clueless offender was British Glamour, which enlisted two “Beckys” to fight back against Beyonce’s shade.

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From the beginning, the article was a mess because it missed the ENTIRE point of Lemonade’s “Becky with the good hair” line in the first place.

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Yeah, no.

Beyonce did not “give a voice to all the Beckys” in the world, she fired a warning shot at her husband (or whomever) and his side chick. The mention of Becky wasn’t a call to empower all Beckys, but rather shame this particular woman–and presumably, all other mistresses–engaged in the affair.

But of course, the British Glamour team totally missed that little bit of shade because of their cultural incompetence, and proceeded to zero-in on the problematic phrase “good hair.”

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To make matters worse, the mag even used a picture of Iggy Azealea, who recently called out Bey for using the word “Becky” in the first place, and asking readers to “unite” using the hashtag #BeckyHairDontCare.

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Once the British rag shared their Becky post on Twitter, folks let them know why their take was wrong.

After getting dragged on Twitter, British Glamour apologized for the misguided post.

Hopefully they’ll take our advice and hire some women of color to keep things like this from happening again.

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