Iggy Azalea just can’t stay out of the headlines. Whether she’s talking about her sad drives through canyons on the way to see her horses or threatening to cut her fiancée Nick Young’s man parts off, the Australia-bred pop artist is always raising eyebrows.

Earlier today, during a Twitter fued with a random Twitter user, Iggy explained that Becky is a racial slur used to describe a white woman. This coming just two days after Beyonce’s Lemonade release during which Bey says “Go call Becky with the good hair.”

Iggy added that calling Asian women “Ming Lee” or Black women “Sha Nay Nay” was also racist and unacceptable but the question is – is there any validity to her statement?

Is Lemonade’s mystery mistress a white woman? Or simply a woman who isn’t black? Do you think Becky is a racial slur?

Rachel Roy, the woman the majority of Earth suspected to be the real life Becky (who is of Dutch and Indian descent) has officially denied being romantically linked to Jay-Z.

Other speculations include former Roc Nation artist Rita Ora and a simple marketing strategy also known as ‘Becky isn’t real.”

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