John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University

New research by Johns Hopkins University is now urging black women to stop getting weaves, braids and extensions because  they can lead to permanent hair loss.

The university referenced the fact that 1/3 of black women suffer from traction alopecia, which can be attributed to over aggravated hair follicles from styles we love to wear.

“Hair is a cornerstone of self-esteem and identity for many people,” says Crystal Aguh, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, “but ironically, some hairstyles meant to improve our self-confidence actually lead to hair and scalp damage.” Traction alopecia, she adds, is entirely preventable, and early intervention can stop or reverse it. “We have to do better as care providers to offer our patients proper guidance to keep them healthy from head to toe,” she says.

Researchers are advising women to be careful when it comes to their hairstyles and to avoid anything tight pulling and not to wear them longer than two to three months. They also said weaves and extensions should be removed every 3 to 4 weeks.

But this is something most of us black women know, right?


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