Adult coloring books have gotten super popular lately with many people spending hours shading in intricate designs to relax. However, while there’s book based on everything from Indian cultures to animals, Merissa Hamilton noticed something was missing.

“I’ve used drawing and coloring as a way of relaxation [and] therapy for years, so when adult coloring books started to become more popular, I was keen to get my hands on one,” she told the blog gal-dem. “I did, however, notice that there were coloring books available that covered nearly everything APART from things to do with Black/African culture.”

After doing a search for Afrocentric coloring books for adults, Hamilton decided to create her own. 


AfroZen features a host of designs inspired by the diversity of the continent of Africa, including ancient Khemetic symbols and West African Adinkras.


The book is available on Etsy via Hamilton’s Sankofa Creative Co page, and costs £9.00 (around $13).

We love it!

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