The new Dyson Supersonic is a rare new take on a decades old product that bears little resemblance to the original. Dyson, a company well-known for their fresh perspective and innovation when it comes to household appliances, including vacuums and fans, has entered into the beauty market with a bang.

The Dyson Supersonic ($400) features a simple pole-like handle with a vent and the top is a short hollow cylinder. A thermostat measures air temperature 20 times a second to keep it consistent which means no overheated air frying your strands. It also has a built-in ionizer to deionize hair, which effectively cuts down on static electricity.

The most interesting thing about the Supersonic, aside from its sky-high price tag, is that according to Dyson, it blows air at least twice as fast as the average blow dryer. The company even tackled dryer attachments but there were no comb attachments in sight.

Would you spend $400 on this high-tech, sleek and sexy blow dryer?

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