Cash Money/Birdman

Cash Money/Birdman

“Put some respek on my name,” was what Birdman classically stormed into his brief and also epic Breakfast Club interview with earlier this week and now ‘respek‘ is applicable to any and all situations where someone doesn’t feel as though enough respect is being shown.

A new Drake album drops (word to Views) and immediately folks are scanning the lyrics for new Instagram captions, Twitter bios and – with enough public support – words that will quickly be inducted into the way we speak to each other on a regular basis.

With all the work required to keep up with our ever evolving world of slang, it’s no real surprise to hear a recent study on language found that knowing slang improves memory.

Bro Bible reports the study was conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge, the University of Cyprus, and the Cyprus University of Technology. Their findings on bi-dialectalism, meaning being able to speak two dialects, were published in the journal Cognition.

They found that systematically switching between any two forms of language, even similar ones, seems to provide the mind with the extra stimulation that leads to higher cognitive performance.

You might have already been aware of this fact. Switching from proper English to “It’s lit” and slipping into Caribbean and UK influenced Toronto speak with a “Mans dem know” from time to time keeps you on point mentally. And keeping up with the latest terms and conditions of slang is no easy feat. It can be serious work at times but now we can officially confirm that the payoff is worth it.

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