When Queen Serena Williams isn’t dominating her opponents on the court, running her fashion empire, or breaking hearts (probably Drake’s) all over the globe, the 34-year-old is hanging out on social media goofing around just like the rest of us.

Recently, Williams took to her Snapchat to teach folks how to properly get their twerk on.

In the comical vid, Queen Serena gives step by step instructions, telling passersby to “squeeze the glutes, engage your quads, take a wide stance, and slowly slide down.”

Williams then channels her inner fitness instructor and tells fans, “And twerk…and twerk,” even hitting a countdown before trying to give a man some tips on how to get his groove on.

Unfortunately, Wally, the guy Queen Serena tries to help, said his back wouldn’t let him be great, but thankfully she has him covered.

Take a look.


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