Ciara and Rihanna aren’t exactly bffs but that doesn’t necessarily mean the two of them are enemies. Last night, during the ‘Billboard Music Awards,’ MTV Music thought it would be funny to stir up some drama between the two starlets.

“Luda, you know Ciara won’t say Rihanna’s name,” the network wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

“Thought she was amazing,” Ciara tweeted back, adding that she thought Rihanna was among the top performers of the evening. Then she asked who was the newbie behind MTVMusic’s Twitter. “There’s no way anyone of experience is posting content like that during a show of this caliber,” she added. “God Bless. #SpreadLove”

Oop!! #Ciara wasn't here for #MTVMusic's #Rihanna joke ?? #ClapBackSeason (view previous post)

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Ciara has enough negativity to work through without the assistance of a social media manager in training. We bet someone at MTV either got a stern talking to this morning, a round of high fives for catching Cici’s attention in the first place or possibly a little of both.

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