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Piers Morgan is no longer the most outspoken opposer to drinking Beyoncé’s “Lemonde.” Rapper Khia has officially taken his place after issuing a literal “F-ck her” to Beyonce, saying the visuals for her latest album, which includes tennis player Serena Williams twerking to track number four, “Sorry,” makes “black people look bad as hell.”

Now there’s a good chance you don’t know who Khia is so let us refresh your memory: She’s the woman who rapped about her neck and back in 2002 and subsequently told a man to lick her p-ssy and her crack. Yeah there’s  no way that made black people look bad at all. But a woman in a blonde weave? Now that’s disrespectful!

The critique of Beyoncé’s hair barely scratches the surface of the shade Khia threw at the singer during a very explicit radio appearance that could be responded to with one simple question, why you mad? This isn’t Khia’s first time coming for King Bey’s crown. In 2013 she accused Beyonce of stealing other people’s creative ideas and dissed her for charging exorbitant amounts of money for shows while performing the same routines. Three years later, Khia seems to be just as mad as ever at the attention “Lemonade” has garnered, making us question whether someone has a chip on their shoulder or the rapper actually has a point about Bey’s reign — despite the terrible delivery.

Take a listen to the interview which she proudly posted on her Ig and tell us what you think.

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#MyThoughts #BeHoeSay #FuckHer #Lemonade #WhySerena? #LiveAndOutLoudRadio #MotorMoufMoufAlmighty #TurnUpTuesdays 🤔

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I DARE you Serena👀 #TrueTea #MotorMoufMoufAlmighty #LiveAndOutLoudRadio #WhySerena #Lemonade

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