Dominican-American writer Zahira Kelly had no idea the hashtag she started to help people to flesh out damaging situations, #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou would be trending among thousands of women.

“Abuse is often seen as very cut and dry, and only physical,” Kelly told Trending. “For several years now on social media, on a daily basis I talk about many different forms of abuse and what they look like.”

The hashtag reminds us that there are multiple forms of abuse and specifically, emotional abuse is the most disguised and overlooked.

“Emotionally abusive people are very concerned with their public image,” counsellor Amanda Perl added. “They are often extremely charming to the outside world in order to undermine any case you might have to discredit them or bring a spotlight on their behaviour.”

What are some key signs, in your opinion that someone is an emotional abuser?

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