Nayla Kidd gave it all up in a well calculated plan to get away from college and the pressures of life. Two weeks ago, Kidd went “missing”. By all accounts from friends and family she had disappeared and the search for her was one.

The Columbia University student’s story immediately went viral. And authorities and social media was searching for her.

But Kidd wasn’t actually a missing person’s case that involved and abduction. She essentially plotted a plan to change her life and leave her Ivy league surroundings and pressure behind.

She changed banks.
She moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
She stopped returning calls.

Now personally, after reading her story on the New York Post, she couldn’t buy an ounce of sympathy from me. Because not only did her stunt leave her family hoping she was still alive, but also her friends.

Kidd wrote:

I had been waking up every day for months with a feeling of dread and doom. I couldn’t keep putting my all into something I cared nothing about.

On a rainy day in early April, I couldn’t take it anymore. I broke down hysterically crying on campus while I was trying to study for a test in Lerner Hall. Completely overwhelmed, I didn’t stop sobbing for all 10 blocks to my apartment on 124th Street and Broadway.

At 7 a.m. the next morning, I shot up in bed and told myself, “I’m ­going to change this.”

Feeling determined, I walked to the Ivy League Stationers on 116th Street and bought an olive-green notebook — the same color as my birthstone.

I started plotting my escape, jotting down my plan on the college rule lines. I knew one thing for sure: I wasn’t going to tell anyone.

I completely stopped going to all my classes and only went to my work-study on campus.

I made $14 an hour filming lectures for the Columbia Video Network and put every penny into ­savings. I sold unworn clothes and school supplies through Facebook to make some extra money.

Then I started searching for a new apartment. I replied to at least 20 posts through Facebook groups like NYC Living and Gypsy ­Housing.

Kidd eventually was found by the police when they came knocking on her newly found apartment door. They asked if she was who they already knew her to be. And they took her to the precinct.

With so many black women who are truly missing in the world, I hope Kidd realizes her stunt was so very unnecessary.

Don’t think you can hack being an engineering or science major at Columbia? Change your major. Feeling the pressure of life? Columbia has an amazing resource in their mental health area.

If only we all chucked deuces and ran away from our problems. So now Kidd wants to be an artist or model. If that doesn’t work out, where is she going to run to next? Bedstuy?

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