Over in Europe, there’s a growing movement of anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment building in several countries, despite the continent being home to countless numbers of thriving, peaceful Muslim communities.

Recently, the third annual Muslim Expo–a fair, which included performances and discussions about the faith–took place in Antwerp, Belgium and protesters got more than they bargained for.

As a far-right group demonstrated during the event, calling it “an apartheid Islamic exchange where segregation is preached instead of integration,” one woman found a different way to put the group on blast–selfies.

Instead of shouting down the protesters, Zakia Belkhiri grabbed her phone and started trolling the hell out of the group, right in the middle of their intolerant yelping.


Belkhiri isn’t the first woman to fight hate with a dope ass photo-op. Earlier this month, an image of Tess Asplund raising her fist at a group of Neo-Nazis at a protest in Sweden went viral.

While we’re not sure this form of protest trolling will catch on, we won’t be mad if it does.


Yup, total badass!

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