Barbara Ciara is a news anchor for WTKR 3, that broadcasts in parts of Virginia and North Carolina. Ciara loves being stylish on screen and definitely has a knack for picking out necklaces that are fashionable and eccentric. But she has sadly found herself defending her on-air style. Not her reporting style but her fashion style. That’s right, a viewer recently criticized her for her choice of jewelry.

The email stated (with typos):

“All the female reporters and anchors wear litlle to no jewelry but B Ciara wears the biggest and worst jewelry I have ever seen, please have her play by all same rules as every one else.”

“Today,” she wrote, “anyone can hack out their random thoughts and press the send button, and create a new email address.”

And Ciara’s reply:

Gentle viewer,

Thank you so much for watching News 3.

I read your email with a great deal of interest. On a day where a multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed against one of our regional jails, A Navy Seal lost his life during training, The Mayor of Suffolk delivered her state of the city address, and an overlooked neighborhood in the East End of Newport News finally gets a grocery store– you noticed my jewelry.

Perhaps you are correct, you are so distracted you didn’t hear a word I said.

Have a blessed day,

Barbara Ciara
Celebrating 38 years in Broadcasting ‪#‎beenaroundtoolongtobebullied



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