Secret Deodorant tweeted an ad earlier this week featuring a woman flipping the script on a centuries old tradition of men proposing marriage to women. In the sixty-second long clip, the woman’s boyfriend finds a personalized message in his fortune cookie. He’s freaked out and ready to find out who in the hell is printing his name up on tiny dessert food paper when she silences him by getting down on bended knee. She holds a ring in her hand and the ad ends before we find out whether or not her said yes. We couldn’t think of a more stressful, deodorant necessary situation!

Twitter was all a flutter with emotions ranging from full support of kicking tradition to the curb to utter shock and dismay that Secret would even promote such a thing.

What are your thoughts on a woman proposing to a man? Should we bend the “rules” now that it’s 2016 or stick to tradition?

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