300TashaSmith1Tasha Smith is fresh off an annulment and is giving some sage advice to women when it comes to a potential mate.

Two words: background check.

Had Smith done one she would have known that her then-husband had been married and divorced several times, and he had a criminal past.

In an interview with Hollywood Live, Smith spoke about his disaster of a marriage.

“Like, after a three-year fraudulent marriage, to be able to get it annulled is amazing and it was the best experience ever because you know I just learned so much and I’m free! Really, I’ve only been married one time (laughs).”

“You can’t believe everything that everyone says, and I actually didn’t think that I was that famous to the point where somebody would look at me as a mark to be able to try to set me up and con me. I was just oblivious to the reality to how desperate people are and now it’s all about a background check, honey,” she said. “I don’t care if you just want to kiss the brother, you call up and I got a good private investigator.”

“And I just think that us — as career women — we’ve got to protect ourselves. And when men come to us that we don’t know and we don’t know their families, I think it’s important for us to do a serious background check so we can know who we’re dealing with,” Smith said.

Now background checks are definitely something that you’d want to keep in mind. But are there certain scenarios where maybe someone’s past can be looked over?

Clutchettes, have you ever done a background check on a potential?

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