ayAyesha Curry may have put her foot in her mouth after getting on Twitter to blast the NBA for allegedly rigging last night’s game between the Cavaliers and Golden State, where her husband fouled out and failed to bring his team to victory. In a since deleted tweet, she wrote, “ “I’ve lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money… Or ratings in not sure which. I won’t be silent . Just saw it live sry.”

The NBA Warriors could have fought for a win, but that was particularly difficult after their MVP Stephen Curry was ejected for arguing a call and throwing his mouthpiece, which hit the son of one of the Cavalier’s minority owners.

Ayesha removed the tweet after a social media fury was leashed on her by Cav fans and afterwards explained that she tweeted the message in the heat of the moment, still angered by the poor treatment of her father, who was allegedly racially profiled earlier in the evening. “Police racial profiled my father and told him to remove credentials and tried to arrest him. It’s been a long night for me. I apologize,” she wrote. “I’m okay that we lost…I just can’t take people coming at my family for absolutely no reason. Something I don’t understand or stand for.”

According to Stephen Curry’s interview with ESPN.com, security mistook Ayesha’s father for a man who used fake credentials to gain access to games in the past.

“I was just kind of debriefed on what the security thought happened with some guy that poses with fake credentials and gets backstage at a lot of events, the NBA Finals and all that stuff,” Curry explained to ESPN.com. “They kind of profiled my father-in-law and thought he was him. They threatened to arrest him before they checked out his credentials. It’s kind of been an emotional and tough night all the way around.

“That was kind of a traumatic situation where her [Ayesha’s] dad almost got arrested. So it was kind of a tough situation to deal with in a hostile environment. All in all, it’s just a game. I hope that everybody is all right.”

Ayesha Curry should definitely think before she tweets next time. I’m sure everyone will be willing to let this slip up slide, especially considering the mistreatment of her father, but if there is a next time, it is unlikely the NBA world would be as forgiving.

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