First there was the OJ Simpson mini-series starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. That series was met with rave reviews, not only because of the acting, but because it reignited people’s interest into Simpson.

And now on Tuesday, ESPN aired their five-part documentary on the life and trials of OJ Simpson.

But how about a enough is enough?

It seems as though after all of these years, people are still fascinated with OJ. But is it just white people? Especially those who can’t get over the fact that he probably got away with murder?

Ironically, O.J., who is still behind bars for stealing back his own shit, probably won’t even get a chance to see any of these shows. Who knows when he’s set to get out of prison?

I get it. O.J. Simpson was America’s football hero. He ran through airports on commercials. He had a cute nickname. But come on already. Enough is enough.

Clutchettes, do you think America has an obsession with OJ recently?

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