Last week a grand jury decided not to file charges against Eric Casebolt, the police officer caught on tape brutalizing a 15-year-old at a pool party in McKinney, Texas.

The family of Dajerria Becton plans to pursue a civil lawsuit against former Casebolt for slamming her against the ground at the pool party.

Becton family attorney Kim Cole said the lawsuit seeks compensation for the  assault, battery, unlawful detention, and infliction of emotional distress upon Becton.

Cole considers their chances of receiving justice through a civil suit greater than criminal litigation, “because the standard of proof is lower than of a criminal case.” She also emphasized the effect of the jury pool’s impact on receiving justice in cases involving police misconduct and said, “I think that is problematic in a lot of cases across the U.S. as well…The jury pools are rarely diverse.” 

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