Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 1.20.38 PMDanielle Brooks, the Tony Award nominated Actress currently on Broadway as Sophia in The Color Purple and who most of America knows for playing Taystee on the hit Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, voiced her frustrations on Twitter recently after an eyebrow raising exchange with an agent from an unidentified airline.

In a since deleted tweet, she wrote, “I hate when gate agents look at me like I’ve never flown first class and say “You’re in first class, lucky you!”? really tho”

Some chided Brooks for complaining and some expressed their empathy. Others suggested she use her fame to her advantage by asking, “Don’t you know who I am?”

Regardless of knowing who’s who in first class, it’s unacceptable for any airline agent to tell a first class passenger that they’re lucky to be there.

Danielle didn’t take part in a series of back and forth twitter battle though. She simply kept it moving, tweeting about how excited she was to be on Jimmy Kimmel’s show that night and left the negativity in the dust. 

We would love to know what her response was. What would your response have been?

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