“I’m Black/Portuguese Irish and Italian. So now y’all can stop arguing in my f*ckin comments about it,” Amber Rose posted on Instagram earlier today along with a photo of her wearing a blonde bob wig.

I’m Black/ Portuguese/ Irish and Italian. So now y’all can stop arguing in my fuckin comments about it ?

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And the comments rolled in.

“Y’all over here caping for this woman who said clearly in an interview that she doesn’t consider herself a black woman. People have no problem with her having mixed ethnicities and being of mixed race but she seems to only claim black when she drops “nigga” everywhere or when she is using black culture to further her image. It’s frustrating because I like her views on women but I’m tired of people only wanting to claim blackness when it’s suitable for them. This is a problem.”

“You care more about the rights of hoes than the rights of black people. Not one post on BLM. No RIP posts for Alton Sterling or any other victims of police brutality. Being black is not a trend. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s not something you can choose to be.”

“To call yourself Portuguese. Baby girl we’ve come a long way to be proud and call ourselves CAPE VERDEAN FREE FROM OUR OPPRESOR THE PORTUGUESE. I don’t hear anyone else from the African diaspora claim that mixed bullshit. This just shows how educated you are about where you come from and who you are.”

Earlier this year, during an interview with Hot97’s Peter Rosenberg, she said, “I do not consider myself a black woman. Absolutely not.”

When asked what she considered herself her response was, “Biracial. My dad is half Irish half Italian. I do the Italian festivals. I grew up eating very Italian food. I celebrate St Patty’s Day. I grew up listening to 80s rock. I love Guns n’ Roses… But I embrace everything that I am. I don’t embrace one thing more than the other.”

Her suddenly claiming blackness rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way after blatantly renouncing it back in February.

What are your thoughts?

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