State sanctioned police terrorism claimed far too many Black lives and now it is possible that a black man or woman was pushed to the brink. Five cops were killed by a sniper last night, 11 others injured. This escalation of violence means that black men and women must now be more vigilante than ever. Tensions have risen and so have the stakes.

Clutch readers, Black sisters and brothers, other allies in this fight against racism, social injustice and police brutality, please act with caution. While at rallies, while walking the streets, while driving, armed or unarmed, dressed with propriety or pants sagging. There are targets on each and every one of our backs. Especially those among us who decry mistreatment. Those who are willing to stand and declare the Black right to dignity, respect and freedom.

We must guard one another. In spirit, in body and in mind. Support one another as we all struggle to bare the weight of these continued injustices. Be your brother’s keeper. Be your sister’s keeper.

Our children should not have to be our only support as Diamond Lavish Reynold’s baby girl was when she declared, “It’s OK mommy.. I”m here with you” after witnessing the shooting death of Philando Castile. We should be able to shield them from baring witness to these grave injustices. But those are the burdens of Black children. They must strengthen us when others will refuse to. When others turn their backs on us. Dismiss us, dehumanize us. Our children will stand beside us, the soldiers and warriors that they are.

We do not need encouragement from White people or other POC who refuse to acknowledge our struggle. They want to remain blind to the very system their ancestors created, from which they continue to benefit, well so be it. Their minds cannot be changed if the mound of evidence that race in America continues to be a problem has not changed them yet.

If they can justify the death of Sandra Bland and Renisha McBride and then — Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy, who was shot and murdered by police upon two seconds of their arrival. If they can justify the murder of John Crawford who was murdered for shopping while Black at Wal-Mart. If they can watch Alton Sterling be wrestled to the ground and shot multiple times, despite being restrained. If they can watch a man bleed to death, hear his girlfriend cry out in pain at the thought of his dead, merely because he reached for his wallet and still find fault in his actions. They will never see our humanity. Or share our pain.

In this fight, our army has already been assembled. Within it, there are faces of every shade that represents our collective human race. The mantra “Black Lives Matter!” is our rallying cry. The sound of our steps in unison through the streets will reverberate through this entire nation. Where there is no justice, there will be no peace.

Be careful Black people, allies and comrades.

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