Well look at what we have here. Yet another racist police officer showing their true colors online. But of course, he claims he’s not racist.

Shreve, Ohio police Sgt. Robert Biddle, 34, wrote on Facebook: “Been at work for ONE HOUR and the monkeys have already exceeded their limit of snark I’m gonna take for the night. PUMP THE BRAKES, MONKEYS!”

The post was shared hundreds of times.

“I call my wife monkey,” said Biddle. “Unfortunately, it’s a term I’m going to have to learn not to use. I’ve learned now: the timing was really bad.”

Police Chief Ron Kiner said he doesn’t believe Biddle, an 11-year veteran of the force, meant to be offensive.

“I’m sure there was nothing racist meant by that post,” Kiner said. “Because he’s just not like that.”

Biddle wasn’t placed on indefinite unpaid suspension because of the comments, ironically. But for using social media during work hours and referring to the duties of his job on Facebook.

Biddle has since apologized for the post and still says he’s not racist.

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