One half of the popular podcast 2DopeQueens Phoebe Robinson, has officially launched her own show, Sooo Many White Guys.

“In all seriousness, I’m really jazzed about this new show,” Phoebe shared in a press release. “Coming from a comedy background where cis straight white dudes are the norm and everyone else is the ‘Other’ or the token, it feels great to flip that and have the majority of the guests on ‘SMWG’ be women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ folks and not reduce them to what they identify as on a census form. These people have such amazing stories and experiences to share and it’s really exciting that Sooo Many White Guys can be that outlet for them. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how pumped I am to share my interview with the token white guy because he gets the point of the show and is game to poke fun at how things are while trying to help make the podcasting world more inclusive.”

Sooo Many White Guys (also produced by WNYC Studios) will focus on showcasing musicians, actors, writers and comedians who are making waves in their respective fields but who are not white men. At the end of the podcast’s season, Phoebe will interview a famous white male in the entertainment industry, because she believes “it’s only fair.”

For the show’s debut episode, Phoebe interviewed hip-hop artist Lizzo, whose recent album, Big GRRRL Small World has received critical acclaim. During their chat, Phoebe and Lizzo touched upon all things music, pop culture, and even the tragic events that continue to affect American society.

Upcoming guests include Nia Long, Janet Mock and Broad City actress and writer Ilana Glazer, who serves as the executive producer for SMWG.

Check out the first episode here.

Sooo Many White Guys will be released every Tuesday through August 30th and is available on iTunes and WNYC.

Congratulations Phoebe!

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