361E301C00000578-3682911-image-m-107_1468129704897Overland Kansas Police Department has fired one of their own after his racist Facebook comments.

Lanaydra Williams lives in Dallas, TX, said had a couple of pictures posted to her personal Facebook account back in October 2014. About 11:50 p.m. Thursday she got a notification that a new comment had been made on them.


“We’ll see how much her life matters soon..better be careful leaving your info open where she can be found :) hold her close tonight, it’ll be the last time,” stated the post.

“I was upset because this is my child,” Williams said. “If it had been me, it would have been different but this is my child.”

The comment came hours after the police shooting in Dallas. Williams said she had no clue who Rodney Lee Wilson was. And was shocked to see it was made by a police officer.

“I saw that he was a cop and I was like, ‘This is outrageous. This is not acceptable at all,'” she said.

OPPD launched an investigation into the post when Williams reported it.

“I immediately initiated an investigation into the officer’s actions and requested it be completed in a timely manner,” Overland Park Police Chief Francis Donchez Jr. said.

During an investigation by the department’s Professional Standards Unit, Donchez said they learned his officer did in fact make the post.

“It was obvious that our officer did not meet the standards of professionalism for the Overland Park Police Department,” Donchez said.

The police department immediately terminated the officer.

“This quick action demonstrates our commitment to our core values including integrity and respect,” Donchez said. “I want to assure our community, and those outside our community, that our highest priority is the safety and welfare of the citizens of Overland Park, and the men and women who protect everyone. I will continue to hold the employees of the Overland Park Police Department accountable for its actions on and off-duty.”

Donchez said he wanted to publicly apologize to those affected by his officer’s personal actions.

“His actions do not represent the Overland Park Police Department in any way and no one should be subjected to any type of discrimination or this kind of behavior,” he said.

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