Single Ladies actor Harold House Moore has been convicted of molesting a 15-year-old by a Gwinnett County, GA court.

Moore, who will star as Dr. Dre in the upcoming Tupac biopic, pleaded his innocence in court, is facing 20 years in jail.

From Gwinnett Daily Post:

The jury returned its verdict after more than nine hours of deliberation, finding him guilty of sneaking into the girl’s bedroom and touching her early in the morning on Nov. 25, 2012, according to a news release from the Gwinnett district attorney’s office.

Defense attorney Shannon Briley-Holmes has already prepared a motion for a new trial, which she shared with the Daily Post. The document is critical of Judge Timothy Hamil’s decisions on the bench.

One point she said she took exception to was Hamil allowing the state to refer to the victim as a “victim” in court.

“The Court stated words to the effect of, ‘The State will call the victim whatever it wants to,’” Briley-Holmes wrote in the motion. “Really? Could the State call the victim Mother Teresa?”

Moore testified during the trial, which was prosecuted by Nigel Lush, and maintained his innocence, but the defendant couldn’t explain why the girl would falsely accuse him, said Dan Mayfield, chief assistant DA.

Moore has been out on bond since 2012 for the case and a sentencing date has yet to be set.

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