I think it’s fair to say that with the intensifying call to action to support black businesses, patrons are no longer being quiet about some entrepreneurs of color failing to step up to the plate. Kacey Blackalley is one of them.

Toward the end of last week she exposed a popular Atlanta and DMV-based hairstylist who refused her service over a “bad vibe.” This, after already starting to braid Kacey’s hair and charging her a late fee when she was actually on time. Read the details Kacey posted on IG below.


Sounds ridiculous right?

Well the stylist in question isn’t backing down. According to Black Girl Long Hair, NisaRaye responded to Kacey’s post with an Instagram video explaining she has a right to refuse service to anyone around whom she doesn’t feel comfortable and that as an artist she feeds off energy and shouldn’t be subjected to any that’s negative. She then removed the video in favor of this meme, proclaiming “all money isn’t good money.”

&& I will! | ALL money is not GOOD money!

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While that may be true, not all business decisions are good ones either. If the stylist felt a bad vibe: (a) she shouldn’t have started braiding the client’s hair to begin with and (b) she should’ve addressed the issue with the client as a professional, not asked her assistant to send out a text message.

As Kacey pointed out, success is fleeting and while Nisa may have a loyal client roster, there’s no denying she has now lost out on at least a handful of prospective clients due to the reputation she’s gained from this incident. It sucks to have to put a black business on blast but black patrons’ money is just as important as theirs, and if we’re expected to support more black entrepreneurs, they need to be willing to support their clients as the professionals they deem themselves to be as well and provide the services requested and paid for.

How would you have handled this situation?

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