Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 1.37.49 PMPop culture phenomenon Miss Cleo, the most prevalent tv psychic from the 90s has passed away at the age of 53 from cancer, The Washington Post reports. Youree Dell Harris, claimed to be able to tell callers their future in once-ubiquitous TV infomercials and commercials that concluded with the tagline, “Call Me Now!.”

The commercials claimed the first three minutes were free but callers usually spent that time on hold. Then, for $4.99 a minute, Miss Cleo, or one of the many other “psychics” working out of their homes, according to a 2014 interview Harris gave Vice, would pretend to see the future.

In all, the Federal Trade Commission said nearly 6 million called in, racking up about $1 billion in charges. The calls cost an average of $60 a pop.

Callers who didn’t pay up were often inundated with collection letters, calls and emails, Slate reported.

In response, the FTC filed two complaints in Florida charging the two corporations for whom Miss Cleo served as the face and spokeswoman — Access Resource Services and Psychic Readers Network — with deceptive advertising, billing and collection practices.

Harris was never charged with anything, even as 11 lawsuits racked up against the company that employed her.

She seemingly disappeared from television and entered obscurity once the commercials stopped airing but she allegedly didn’t stop giving readings. BuzzFeed reported in 2013 that she was still doing one-on-one readings in Florida for $75 to $250 a session, though she called herself a “voodoo priestess” instead of a psychic.

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