Picking Fresh Views. From Fresh Minds. Not your parent’s television show, The Grapevine is a fresh and innovative take on the panel style discussion. The show places the topics of today in the hands and minds of young game changers, artists, cultural innovators, and professionals to dissect what the impact is for this generation.“The GrapeVine”

What happens when a group of fashionable, educated black folk get together to discuss the most controversial topics of the day? Magic, of course! The Grapevine #HearItFresh — a YouTube series created and hosted by Ashley Akunna — features some of our generation’s most prominent black voices, as they dissect current events and delve into difficult subject matters.

And you already know: There will be shade!

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From the most recent episode “WorldStar & The Celebration of Violence,” which discussed the death of Amy Joyner — who died while being filmed during a bathroom brawl in her high school — to other controversial titles like “Should Disney Have a Lesbian Character” and “Zoe Saldana & Nina Simone” (an exploration of the implications of bad casting), the channel effortlessly draws its audience into an exploration of the black world of social commentary and Clutch is absolutely all the way down for the journey!

@uchechinyere gave a lot of salient points during this discussion. Links in the bio.

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YouTube: Host Ashley Akunna’s dope locks in an updo.

YouTube: Host Ashley Akunna’s dope locks in an updo.

It’s hard not to be all the way down for so much black excellence, intelligence, fashionableness, and all the amazing natural hair one could envision on a single YouTube Channel. Just watching a single episode inspires so many #hairgoals, #fashiongoals and #smartsgoals.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Q&A with Ashley Akunna!

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