When Beauty Vlogger Deepica Mutyala apologized for ruining model Malyia McNaughton‘s hair during a Today Show segment on 1 minute summer hairstyles, she also promised to do better. And that’s exactly what she did.

Mutyala enlisted the help of three beauty and lifestyle notables – Akilah Hughes, Tiarra Monet and Kamie Crawford to film a ‘Natural Hair 101’ segment for her channel.

“It’s something that I’m not every familiar with,” Mutyala admits. “Education is the first step.”

During the 4 minute video, Mutyala is schooled on the importance of taking your time with natural hair (because “a minute” is never really enough to perfect a style) and the importance of having the right products and tools on hand.

McNaughton, Monet, Hughes and Crawford get candid about their natural hair, sharing where and how they’ve learned to style their own tresses and how their hair has affected their careers.

“I didn’t feel comfortable showing my natural hair at times because people would comment, ‘Oh my gosh, is your hair done? What are you doing to it?’” McNaughton admitted.

“One day, I said, ‘I want to show my natural hair,’ as I should, and so I became more comfortable to go and do other things where there were a collective of other Black women who also embraced their natural hair,” she added.

The video ended with a hilarious reenactment of the sistas giving Mutyala a similar messy ponytail that she gave McNaughton, all in good fun

The response to the video was pretty positive with people commending Mutyala for her ability to take a lemon and make lemonade.

Now we can finally move on.

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