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A Georgia mom was recently arrested after trying to defend her son against attackers.

According to WSBTV, Shawanda Favors at Atlanta’s New Schools at Carver.

“The parent was apprehended by the Atlanta Public Schools Police Department and charged for her inappropriate conduct. Four students were treated and one student was transported to the hospital. The campus has resumed normal operations. The APS Police Department is investigating this matter,” Atlanta Public Schools said in a statement.

Even students felt that she had the right to protect her son.

“She was just trying to defend her son. They were really assaulting him; she did what she had to do,” one student said.

Favors said when she arrived at the school, the same boys who jumped her son before, jumped him again and the guards weren’t doing anything.

“[Officers were there], they were just on the other side. It took them too long to get over there,” Favors said.

Favors son noted that he’s glad his mother helped.

“‘Cause she broke the fight up. If she wasn’t out there, that fight could have been going on for hours,” he told the news station.

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