‘What Has He Done That Requires This Kind of Animus?’Harry Belafonte

It seems as though Harry Belafonte is in Nate Parker’s corner. The veteran actor/activist spoke out in support of Parker and wonders why his past is being brought up now.

Belafonte says it’s unfair that Parker’s “moment” is being overshadowed by something that happened 17-years ago.

“It’s interesting because it’s coming out the same time the film’s coming out. Of all the stories you can tell, why are you telling this story? And if he was somebody who had committed a crime and got away with it, but he faced the justice system,” Belafonte said.

“The fact that (the system) may have screwed up, the fact that it didn’t really take care of justice, the fact that he should have been punished or whatever is history,” the singer added. “The fact is that he was confronted and then he did go through the process. Why are you bringing this up now? What has he done that requires this kind of animus?”

“How do I put it in a perspective that helps me with greater clarity understand why this is the consequence of something he’s done by getting this high-profile, ’cause this film is touching a lot of consciousness. Why isn’t that the story?” Belafonte asked.

“And is this going to be the price that young black women and men pay for making films of substance?” he continued. “Are they going to dig in and get dirt instead of fruit? What are we doing here? And where is the voice that defends him if he in fact is worthy of defending?”

Belafonte viewed Birth of  a Nation on Tuesday and stated it was a “winner” and Parker was a “bright young man”.

And people wonder why I never gave two craps about Belafonte.

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