Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.43.58 PMIn an interview with the Turning Point Pregnancy Center, Ben Watson made some pretty controversial statements about Planned Parenthood, after asked if he had any unique insights on race and abortion.

“I wouldn’t say I have any unique insight,” Watson said. “I do know that blacks kind of represent a large portion of the abortions, and I do know that honestly the whole idea with Planned Parenthood and [Margaret] Sanger in the past was to exterminate blacks, and it’s kind of ironic that it’s working.”

He elaborated:

“We [as minorities] support candidates, and overwhelmingly support the idea of having Planned Parenthood and the like, and yet, that is why she created it,” Watson said. “We are buying it hook, line, and sinker, like it’s a great thing. It’s just amazing to me and abortion saddens me period, but it seems to be something that is really pushed on minorities and provided to minorities especially as something that they should do.”

Watson continued his response, highlighting not only the way Black teen pregnancies are treated by society versus White ones.

“In the public, it seems to be painted that when minorities get pregnant they need to get abortions, especially when it comes to teen pregnancy,” Watson said. “It’s like when black girls are pregnant, it’s like a statistic, but when white girls get pregnant, they get a TV show.”

And while he forgot about the mens in this particular response, he later took to Facebook to write a post about their implications in the high rates of abortion among Black women saying,

“(A) lot of the women wouldn’t be having abortions if the men would step up and be a part of what they are already biologically a part of.”

Do you think about Ben Watson’s Interview?

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