Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Marisa Dick’s performance at the Olympics was a grand display of mediocrity and suckiness and everyone across the Caribbean is laughing about it. She received 13.066 (scores of 13-16 are considered good) after mounting the balance beam with her “The Dick” move and a score of 13.900 on the vault.

However, she only managed a 12.533 on the floor and slipped off the bars for a score of 11.333 to sloppyily conclude the history-making mess that was her participation in the athletic events.

*Points finger and screams “Ha, Ha!” like Nelson from the Simpsons*

Why the laughter? Well, in the case of Marisa Dick’s participation in the games, Dick moves weren’t only made on the balance beam.

If you weren’t in the loop, Dick’s rise to claim the single position to represent Trinidad and Tobago in the 2016 Rio Olympics were marred by plain outlandish tactics to get her into the games and push her competitor, Thema Williams, out of the only spot to represent the twin islands by all means necessary. Despite beating Dick at the World Championships in Scotland last year in order to qualify for the Olympic Games, Thema Williams was booted from tests and replaced by her competitor who lost fair and square.

Why you may be wondering?


1. Because the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation is full of a pile of smelly horse crap.

2. It is likely that Dick and her camp/supporters pulled some stunts to discredit the gymnast and sabotage her earned right to participation in the sporting event.

It all started when an unnamed hater forwarded supposed “partially nude” photos of Thema Williams to the TTGF (photos which she posted to Instagram herself and were completely harmless, by the way). The pictures landed her in the disciplinary committee. But then a topless photos of Dick also made their way to the TTGF inbox, so both of competitors were subject to discipline– the most asinine, archaic and even misogynistic fact out of this whole thing considering both photos were HARMLESS.

Though topless in the pictures, both of the women covered their nipples in their respective shots (not that there should be a damn problem with nipples in the first place). So what the heck was that about, anyways?

Luckily, that attempt to tarnish Williams’s image backfired, but the dirty tricks did not end there. Thema Williams was magically pulled out of tests to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympics and replaced with Marisa Dick just hours before the trials. Supposedly, the TTGF claimed Williams was injured and could not compete, but she completely denied those claims and was more than willing to compete– though not allowed to. Many felt that Dick should have stepped down, but, needless to say: Of course she didn’t!

In response to this controversy and Marisa Dick’s poor performance at the Olympics, Williams took to Twitter to express her feelings with only two words: “Poetic Justice,” though the tweet was soon after deleted.

Trinidadian Olympian swimmer took to Twitter to criticize this unfair treatment of Williams, writing:

“Robbing others of the fruits of their honest work makes you a cheater, not just failing a drug test. You will have to live with yourself!”

“laughable when cheaters who escape detection by covering up their dirty deeds actually think that they are good athletes.”

After Marisa Dick’s poor performance at the Olympics, it is unsure whether or not the gymnast thinks of herself as a good athlete. What is certain is that this Olympian may have made Trinidadian history for all of the wrong reasons. And she will be forever notoriously remembered for that.

Well, that and this “The Dick” mount.


Editor’s Note: George Bovell was likely referring to an Olympic swimmer and not Marissa Dick in his Twitter messages.

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