All football jerseys are apparently not created equal, when it comes to Kroger and their Jersey Day employee event.

A black teen from Ohio says he was sent home when he wore his Colin Kaepernick jersey. Elijah Scott said he was bagging groceries as usual, and eventually went on his lunch break. It was then his manager told him to go home and change because a customer complained about his jersey.

The customer said they would no longer shop there if Scott was allowed to wear a disrespectful jersey.

“They should’ve stood up for their employee and just let that customer go. My son didn’t do anything wrong,” she told The New York Daily News.

Eventually Kroger issued an apology to Scott and his mother.

“We are aware of this situation and have apologized to Elijah and his mother. Diversity, inclusion and respect are among our company’s core values and ones we strive to live up to every day.”

Too bad the manager who sent Scott home didn’t feel the same way. If he was my son, he’d have to find himself another place to work.

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