Fantasia Barrino tried us, folks. She put together an “All Lives Matter” concert and somehow thought Black folk should be ok with it. Luckily for her, police shut it down because of protests in Charlotte.

In response to the cancellation of her event, Fantasia posted a video to Facebook where she said: “It wasn’t just about music. I don’t know if people were coming out thinking they were going to hear my songs, but what they were really going to hear was worship. They were going to hear worship and prayer and poetry reading and strong men coming together to see if we can pull in our men. Not just only black, not just only white. People were out protesting today, it wasn’t just white people. It was black people, it was Latino people.”

Her husband also added his very unnecessary and oh, so outrageously misguided two cents on the concert saying:

“I have a lot of white employees, white colleagues, white business partners. I have a mixed grandchild. And I’m not going to discount that a black life is of lesser value than a white life or Hispanic life or Asian life or Latino life. Black lives matter because all lives matter.”

The police may have done Black people, and the entire Barrino clan, a favor by shutting this event down. Apparently, however, it seems that Fantasia still hasn’t gotten the message that the entire premise of the concert, particularly adopting the very same slogan used by Whites to discount the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, is problematic. She rescheduled the concert for next week.

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