A Black Lives Matter flag flying next to the American flag at the University of Vermont has some students upset.

The Student Government Association decided this week to raise a Black Lives Matter flag on the school’s campus. The flag was flown over the weekend to recognize the movement and the recent police shootings in Tulsa and North Carolina and to support members of the community.

The university said in a statement: “UVM supports free expression, and other university groups are welcome to propose flags with information that they wish to express.”

But some people are upset, because it’s inappropriate to have a flag at the same height of the country’s flag.

Sullivan said flying the flag outside the student center isn’t an endorsement of the Black Lives Matter movement by the university, but reflects that students wanted to support the African-American community in the wake of recent police shootings in other states.

“I think given this particular time in the history of America, our students thought it was an appropriate time over the next couple of days to show their support for black communities in the United States,” Sullivan told the local Fox station.

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