Derrick Rose is attempting to bring his rape accuser’s sexual history into play in his rape case. And he’s dragging NBA player Nick Young into the fray.

Rose tried to get a sexual assault civil case against him thrown out, but his request was denied earlier this summer and the new Knicks point guard is headed to trial soon.

Rose’s accuser says she was gang raped and would have never agreed to have sex with Rose and other men because she’s prudish, but now text messages between the woman and Young have been released.

The text was sent to the woman’s roommate when she found out she was going to Young’s apartment, it said, “since u goin to nicks can u please tell him to give u my bra lol.”

According to the site, the documents also claim DRose’s legal team says he and the woman were in a relationship for 20 months, and argue that text messages from before and after the alleged incident show the woman communicating lucidly enough to give consent and had sexual relationships with two NBA players other than Rose.

Rose contends that the sex between the woman, him and his friends was consensual.

“This is not a rape case,” Rose said in a May filing. “It’s pure and simple extortion by a plaintiff who does not want anyone to be deposed because every lay witness in the case will shred plaintiff’s story.”

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